Chute.bas is a simple basic program that allows you to calculate the dimentions of a bear's parachute.

It asks for the weight wou want to drop, the descending rate, the no. of gores (panels) and the distance between calculated points.
If you got the printer switched on it then prints out the coordinates of a half panel.
Shroud lines should be about 1.5 times the panel height. Don't forget to make a 2.5 cm hole in the center of the canopy: You'll need it for the static line!

If you want to build a chute for a parabear be sure to use smooth fabric. Most ripstops are to "hard" and will not open properly. Sometimes it helps to put the fabric through a washing cycle at the highest temperature.Try that with some scrap (colors can bleed: careful if you don't like pink underwear): if it helps then put the chute in before you attach the shroud lines.
You can download Chute.bas in two formats: as a .bas file (you'll need qbasic for that) or as a stand alone .exe file. Both files are zipped.

chute2.bas (zipped) (1.3 K)

chute2.exe (zipped) (3.2 K)

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