Some of my own

The Hawaiian: Pobably the first real good stunter. Still going strong in light winds when built in carbon and with a slightly altered trailing edge and standoffs that make silent flight possible.

The Omega: the one that I'm most proud of. It took me 3 years to develop. A very advanced power delta with a cambered sail that has a windrange from 3 to over 40 mph. And that is without any adjustments. The one you see here is a 2.5 meter span. With a smaller 2 meter Omega the buggier on the pic (Corne) did 94 km/h. I tried to convince him to go for the 100km/h barrier but he swore he would never drive that fast again...

The Snowflake: a beatiful design with lots of posibilities:anything from 3 to 6 or more.sides. This 5 sided one is made from 60 degree triangles.

Genki special: The Genki is one of the best low wind kites. This is a variation with a longer mid section to give it the bird like appearance.

A Flexi special. A revolution in it's time: still is the only inflatable without a bridle. It's fast brother the Speedfoil is said to have the speedrecord of over 228 km/h.

The Gizmo from Stuntkites I. A very nice kite to fly. I moved the position of the standoffs a bit to the tips to slow it down a bit and improve tracking.

The Hawk: I've made hundreds of them. Most were simple design small starter kites, but this one I made for myself to prove that a mostly white, asymmetrical design can be very attractive.This one has an 8 feet span.

The Yakko: a traditional Japanese design now in ripstop and fibreglass. the wing design is very clever: it gives great stability.

The Wotsit: Own design, very fast, easy turning fun kite. If I find the time one day I intend to make an UL version of this kite..

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